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Organic Products

Organic productsOrganic oils are the oils that are derived from the plants and grown without using pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals. Non-organic base oils come from products that can use those type of chemicals. If you are worried about these type of chemicals in your oils, then our range of organic base oils or organic essential oils are for you. We have 60 Organic Essential Oils and 10 Organic Base Oils currently in stock. We stock various sizes of essential or base oils ranging from small 10ml bottles, 50ml family bottles, bulk sized 500ml bottles or even 1 litre wholesale bottles for the keen aromatherapist!

Our organic range of essential oils come from trusted sources where absolutely no artificial fertilisers, chemicals or sprays have been used on the plants and we guarantee that all of our base oils are 100% natural pure oil.

Our products are free from SLS
Our products are free from any parabens
Our products are not tested on animals