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Wooden Boat Display Stands


Make your own library or display with these stunning boat shaped display stands directly imported from Bali.

Get a fantastic contemporary look for a fraction of the cost you could get on the High Street. If you are into the natural look - what better way to display your treasures and collectables than on these beautiful hand-made display stands, in a variety of colours.

A boat shaped design means you can be creative in the layout and arrangement of the pieces. Made from Albesia Wood

L Size: H: 190 cm; W: 55 cm; D: 35 cm
M Size: H: 150 cm; W: 45 cm; D: 30 cm
S Size: H: 97 cm; W: 35 cm; D: 25 cm

Coffee Root Fruit Bowls


These coffee tree root bases come with moulded glass fruit bowls. The bowls are made out of recycled glass bottles. Every 20 years the coffee plantations are replanted and instead of burning out the roots, the roots are dug out and made into these eye-catching unique items (in fact, no two are alike!). All the coffee plantations supplying these products are run on a sustainable basis. They are also fair-trade items.
Get yours now for a bargain price! There is limited supply.
You will receive the one photographed here and numbered 24. We take new photos and re-list each as individuals.

Approximate Dimensions:
40 x 30cm

Stone Circle Oil Burner


D:120 H: 100 mm

Mystic & Magical Designs
Warning and Using Instructions
Always place the oil burner on a heatproof mat. Ensure there is sufficient water in the container above the burner. Use good quality tealights. Never leave unattended when lit, and keep away from curtains. If flame becomes dangerous extinguish with a damp cloth. Keep out of reach of children.

Large Bamboo Root Duck - Red Boots


Let us introduce this beautiful range of Bamboo Root Ducks from Indonesia. They have been hand carved by artisans in Bali and a amazingly coloured and detailed.

They make a lovely ornaments and looks great indoors or outdoors. We love all of them but our favourite ones are spotty blue and red boots ones... So so cute! These Ducks have been created from Bamboo Root. As Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, it is excellent as a sustainable resource.

Size: 140 x 370 x 130 mm; oversized product will be sent via courier

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