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Hand blown glass bowls on teak tree stumps

teak tree stump and bowl

They have arrived!
Hand blown molten glass bowls on cleaned up Indonesian Teak-tree stumps. The glass is made out of recycled glass bottles.
The bowls separate from the teak tree for shipment and to move the item (as some are very heavy!)
This means that the skilled workforce has to sometimes, laboriously, smash the glass, melt it and start again when the glass bowl doesn't separate!
This item is a fair trade product. We consider that we pay a fair price for all of our products as everybody deserves a fair wage, not just us.

Each 'ornament' is unique and so each item has and will be listed on this website individually, on a first come first served basis.

Do not miss out on these fabulous Teak Tree ornaments.

Various Sizes:
20cm x 14cm x 14cm
84cm x 60cm x 32cm
140cm x 60cm x 45cm

Aria Crafts will not tolerate any use of child labour in the production of any of our products, If and when we should find that any of our products are being partly or wholly made by children, the suppliers contract is terminated immediately.


Chris Kettle's picture
By Chris Kettle on

I cannot wait to get my hands on these! I'm thinking of putting a goldfish in the bowl!

Chris Kettle's picture
By Chris Kettle on

In fact I now have three of them, one small, medium & large! One has a goldfish in, one has pot pourri in which smells great and the other has brightly coloured beads. We will now be giving free coloured beads away with every purchase of Teak Tree or Coffee Root Ornaments.