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Happy Buddha

On Sunday the 1st of May 2016, we will be opening our brand new and exclusive shop right in the heart of Bournemouth. The shop will be called, quite simply,

Happy Buddha

Here we will be specialising in all things Buddha and Spiritual, from Buddha Miniatures, Ornaments and collectables, Incense Sticks and Cones, to Meditation Accessories and Zen Gardens. We won't exclude Ganesh of course!

We will be having a launch party on the day, and do hope you can join us.

New shop - Christchurch Shopping Emporium

Buddha Stall - Gifts, Incense and Bali Instruments

We are now open!

We are glad to report that due to increasing demand we have steadily been expanding. As well as having our 13 market stalls, we now have 2 little retail units based in the new Christchurch Shopping Emporium.
This is a new style of shopping, where customers can browse a huge shopping centre neatly divided and managed by over a hundred independent retailers. What is great is that you shop from 100 retailers and you only pay once at the tills.

Hand blown glass bowls on teak tree stumps

teak tree stump and bowl

They have arrived!
Hand blown molten glass bowls on cleaned up Indonesian Teak-tree stumps. The glass is made out of recycled glass bottles.
The bowls separate from the teak tree for shipment and to move the item (as some are very heavy!)
This means that the skilled workforce has to sometimes, laboriously, smash the glass, melt it and start again when the glass bowl doesn't separate!

Valentines Day

Be my valentine

Love makes the world go round. Passion demands Romantic gestures, (never an easy thing to find!). That’s where our carefully selected gifts come in, and if you need something to get your partners besotted heart beating - you’ve come to the right place! Here at Aria Crafts we have heaps of Love & Romance! Candles are Romantic - but you need Hearts and Aroma too...
So Don't leave it to the last minute to get that special someone in your life that gift that shows them they mean the world to you.

Set for Christmas?

Here at aria you will find a wide range of unusual gift ideas just to make Christmas that little but less stressful. We all have that family member that is impossible to buy for after all!
Surpirse your friends and family with some unusual gifts. Why not give them a treat with an aromatherapy kit?
Or why not buy them something for the home like a large Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp.

Our Company Ethics

Ethics - do the right thing - fair trade, no child labour, no SLS or parabens

These are tricky subjects, but not one we choose to ignore as a company. A lot of people don’t believe that ethics and business mix, we are more than pleased that most of our customers would appose this idea and we try hard to ensure our suppliers are like minded.

There are several areas of concern (which we get asked about regularly) being:

1. Testing on animals.
2. Child labour in developing nations.
3. Fair Trade.