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Fragrance Oils

An ancient custom was to burn a little fragrant oil over a low flame to scent a room and this is still one of the most effective ways to perfume a living space. Fragrance oils from Aria Crafts are available in a variety of scents. They can be used on their own or mixed over oil burners or simmering pots. Among the earliest items of trade in the world are the fragrances cedarwood, frankincense, cannabis and other perfumed products. These were carried over long distances and treasured equally or more than precious metals and gemstones.

Our Fragrance oils are not the cheapest - but we believe the best in terms of price to quality. Ideal for fragrancing Raw Incense Cones.These particular fragrance oils are 100% pure. Each comes packed in aluminium bottle with secure lid.

If you prefer we have the same selection in 15% diluted fragrance oils, also in 500 ml and 10ml bottles.
Oil Burners

Ylang-Ylang Fragrance Oil


Our 10 ml Fragrance Oils last much longer because they are diluted with another oil made from dipropylene glycol (DPG). DPG is is a common carrier oil used to cut fragrance oils to make them more effective. DPG can cause you to get more use from your scented oil.
We also supply in 500ml quantities both Pure (P) and Dilute (D)

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